Date and Time: Tuesday, December 09, 2014 at 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.
Virtual Location

  • Recieved MAC ID
  • Need MAc ID
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Visual Element
Color Squares
Thumbnail Image
Thumbnail Image

  • Example HTML File: Click Here
  • Example iBloc
    • Example XML Manefest
    • Example iRise Java Script
    • Optional Resource files
jQuery (Animated Graph Tutorial from Smashing Magazine)
external image 2011_SmashingMagazineChart.PNG

Dependent Libraries

11/11/2014 Demo, Retrospective, Planning


  • Demo Sprint 0
  • Retrospective
    • What went well (do more of)
    • What went poorly (do less of)
  • Sprint 1 Planning
    • Gautam - Alternative to iRise for Simulation
    • Google Chart

Meeting: Reusable Components Kickoff Meeting Nov 3, 2014
Date Time: Monday 11/3/2014 11:00am to 12:30pm
Physical Location: The Baltimore Guest House
Encore Presentation:

Agenda (
  • Introduction
  • Reusable Reality - Reusable User eXperience (RUX)
    • Objectives: Standardize, Share, Reuse
    • RUX Goal:Standardize, Share, Reuse Reporting Libraries
    • Bottom Up Innovation with the Reusable Reality Framework
      Bottom Up Innovation with the Reusable Reality Framework.png
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      Reusable Library.png
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  • Project Management
    • Product Backlog
    • Sprint Planning
    • Story Tasking
  • Action Items
    • Done (Thank you @ Gautam)- Schedule Kick-off
    • Schedule Weekly working session
      *Special 11/6/2014 11am - 12pm
      11/11 Working Session (2:30 - 4:30pm)
    • Schedule Demo & Retrospective
      11/18 Sprint Demo (2:30 - 4:30pm)
    • Done - Link to RUX Presentation (Reusable User Experience)
    • Assigned to Tony- Package up Server Access/Admin info for Gautam (
    • Assigned to Tony - Send out Sprint Planning

iBloc Product Backlog
Product Backlog

Backlog Items
Reporting LibrariesTonyCalice-intelligence.png
  1. Discover Reporting Libraries
  2. Document Reporting Libraries
    • List all possible graphs. (“Discover existing graphs for re-use”)
    • Classify graphs depending on particular category.
    • Research all the libraries that can be used to build a particular graph. (“Discover existing libraries for re-use”)
    • Build a HTML page that shows the graph using various libraries and create a code wiki below each of the graphs. (“Reference Model of how to reuse report libraries”)

  1. Tony/Gautam Account Administration Job Aid
    • Add New Accounts
    • Login
    • Password Reset
  1. Guatam- Setup Collaboration Environment Subversion (Address Here) Collaboration Environment
    *Acceptance Criteria
    • Discover
    • Retrieve
    • Diff
    • Commit
Standardize DataTonyCalice-Data.png
  1. Ashish Reports
    • Application General Information (All the information we collect on Application Management Portlet)
    • Roles Information: (Table format)
      • No. | Roles Name | Date When Role was added | Total # of Approved Users for this Role
    • Users Information: (Table format)
      • UserID | Name (First Name + Last Name) | Roles | Date Created | Last Access Date
  2. <Gap Analysis between TBD Sample Report Data and Landing Page Data>

Reuse StyleTonyCalice-Style.png
  1. <Gap Analysis between TBD Sample Report Style and Landing Page Style>

Reuse BehaviorTonyCalice-behavior.png
  1. <Gap Analysis between TBD Sample Report Behavior and Landing Page Behavior>

TonyCalice-iBloc-Backlog.Story.pngSprint Task Board
Get Work
Do Work
Demo Work
Story 1: As a collaborator, I want the ability to contribute code files
Story 2: As a collaborator, I want the ability to update code files

Story 1: As a manger, I want the ability to see how my data could look with example reusable report libraries
Story 2: As a manger, I want the ability to see how my data could look in a specific reusable report libraries

Story 1: As a ???, I want to understand the data integration gap between the ??? report the data model

Story 1: As a Solutions Architect, I want the ability to simulate the ??? report by dragging and dropping the reusable, standardized control from the library shared on ???