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  • User Concepts
    • Naming (Widgets, Styles, Behaviors, Data, Logic)
      • When to Put Noun First
      • When to put verb first
      • New Concepts
      • Renaming Concepts
      • Identifying/Removing Redundant Concepts
  • User Experience
    • Style Adherence
      • Use # hashtag for new concept
      • postpend delete for redundant styles
      • Introducing New Styles
      • Identifying/Deprecating redundant Styles
    • Design Patterns
      • Masters
        • Defining Masters
        • Migrating between chapters (aka pages)
        • Naming
        • Identifying/Removing Redundant Masters
      • Templates
        • Design Pattern
        • Defining Templates
        • Utilizing templates
  • Supporting Processes/Procedures
    • Version
      • Version Branching of Projects
    • Iteration
      • Project Enhancements
        • Rule of 3
          • New, Old, Delete
        • Fragmentation
    • Definition of Done
    • Style DoD
    • 508 Compliance DoD

Simulation Tool Disciplines used to visualize Solution Architecture

So That
The ability to define the appearance of widgets
Simulation appears to look like software.
The ability to define the actions/reactions of the widget in response to the user
Simulation appears to function like software.
The ability to store, retrieve, or operate on data

*Data operations include: String Manipulation, Array Manipulation, Computation, and Evaluation
Simulation appears to Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete data (ie persistent and user session data) lke a solution
The ability to evaluate data with criteria and selectively executes behavior or data
Simulation appears to emulate Business Rules (ie Security, Workflows, and Algorithms) like a solution

Open Source Source simulation extensions for advanced visualization and documentation requirements

So That
Compiled library of JavaScript (.JS), Cascading Style Sheet (.CSS), Images Files (.png, .gif, .bmp) used to directly embed "Real Code" into a simulation.

iBlocs are open-source and available for download in the iRise Marketplace or can be custom made by developers.
Stakeholders can visualize the implementation of specialized web styles and behaviors (such as jQuery, Telerik, or Sencha)
Data interface to the iRise definition center that supports a RESTful Web Service requests for simulation data and activity analysis.
Stakeholders can produce documentation, screenshots, and/or project metrics