1.Are you in favor of WFH? Yes / No
  • YES, I favor Work From Home (WFH) so that I can better align my personal and my professional interest.

2.If you are in favor, why? Please expand on the pros.
  • WFH is a clever way to encourage uniform admiration of accessibility standards. Stakeholders passionate about 508 Compliant Access enjoy greater personal flexibility
  • An Accessible WFH environment enhances Open/Transparent Government

3.If you are not in favor, please explain in detail.
  • <EMPTY>

4.In your prior ActioNet work experience, what formats of WFH were acceptable and would you see beneficial at ActioNet?

5.Should the WFH option be limited to certain roles?
  • WFH should be extended to all Stakeholders passionate about 508 Compliant Access
  • Roles that are not Accessible should be excluded from WFH
  • Roles with Captive, Intellectual Property restrictions require some limitaiton

6.What options of WFH do you see doable at ActioNet taking into consideration our CMS customer. Please explain.
  • Every non-operational activity without personally identifiable information seems "doable" in a the publically accessible domain